Dedicated remote team members that only work for you

Improve service levels while reducing cost & overwhelm

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  • "We've been looking for a good VA for a while and talked with several companies who provide them. I also considered hiring directly from Upwork. We ended up going with Anne's company. Anne Lackey runs a company that finds and trains VAs. Some specifically for our real estate industry. She's very pleasant to deal with, highly professional - and with access to top VA talent in the Philippines. We hired a full-time VA two weeks ago and she has been great."
    Real Estate Coach
  • "The hiring process and training that Anne provides is the best we have found. We have saved over $26,000/year PER VA that we have hired. This has been a game changer for us and our business. We are able to have our internal staff focus on what they do best and the virtual staff take care of back office details. I highly recommend any business owner evaluate this service."
    Managing Partner
  • "Using you to find a social media assistant was amazing. We couldn't ask for a better experience. The process was quick, easy, and painless. The results have far surpassed my expectations."
    Business Owner
  • "Jamie is a producing broker/agent and he was trying to keep up all the balls up in the air. Jamie found a real estate staffing agency who “trained” their VAs but quickly found out that they really didn’t have all the tools that were needed. When he evaluated our programs – he was impressed by the training we offered so his VA was able to better understand the things he needed to improve his bottom line."
  • "Having HireSmartVAs find my virtual assistant was a definite value add. I had hired VAs before on my own, but the quality of VAs they brought me was amazing and the time it saved was incredible. I will certainly recommend them to colleagues and will use them again."
    John M.
    Real Estate Investor
  • "Michelle G put her VA Mitch through our training – she couldn’t believe the results. Mitch was able to integrate seamlessly into their busy office and have an immediate impact on production."
    Michelle G.
  • "A real estate investor & an agent who wanted to put his business on auto-pilot so that they could travel the world with his new bride. He went through our entry level program and now travels 1 week out of the month while his investing and agent business continues on."
  • "One of our highest level coaching students who ran her own brokerage firm. She was tired of hiring over and over again only to find out that she wasn’t able to keep quality people and was getting further and further behind. She had an immediate impact to her business of over 65% cost savings per employee and had much better results."


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Dedicated remote team members that only work for you

Improve service levels while reducing cost & overwhelm

Dedicated remote team members that only work for you

Improve service levels while reducing cost & overwhelm
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